So what is it?

The Striker pitching machine is a ball throwing tool, designed to improve your batting and to aid in many other drills. This machine is the aesthetically pleasing and powerfully simple answer to your batting requirements. Whoever you are, whatever your status, whether you want to up your game and get that edge that will set you above the other players or set your team apart by having the best batters in the league, the Striker pitching machine can help you improve.

Some things you may like to know about us…


We offer a one year warranty on all the mechanical components of our pitching machines which means that if it breaks we will fix it free of charge provided that it has not been used incorrectly or tampered with in any way.

Proudly South African

The Striker pitching machine is a hand crafted, authentic, South African product – made by sport enthusiasts who love sport just as much as they love making these machines for you.

Great value

Our aim is to give you a good quality product that fits low budgets and gives you value for your money.

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What does the pitching machine provide?


The Striker pitching machine is both accurate and constant – it has the capacity to launch balls within a 10cm radius of each other.


Being mechanical, the Striker machine does not require power sources or cables, thus your batting drills will no longer be leashed to power plugs and the like, but can extend further.


Designed to be simple, the Striker pitching machine is a user-friendly product that guarantees a fast set-up – insuring that you have more time to practice.

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Why would I buy one?

Because it...

  • Improves batting
  • Helps with catching
  • Is perfect for throwing fly balls
  • Develops confidece
  • Makes your drills effective

The relative rating

Set-up time


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