About Us

The idea behind the idea


How many times have you gone to a live pitcher-batter drill, hoping to improve your batting skills but instead landed up engaging a flurry of highly inaccurate, badly placed, exceptionally hard balls? Let’s just face the painful truth; practices that are inefficient and take up more time to set-up than the actual practice are hardly worth it.
Realizing the truth in this, we set to work creating the ideal tool for batting drills: a machine that can throw at multiple speeds with a high accuracy and is not dependant on electricity to work. After several tweaks and re-designs we are proud to present the perfect batting tool that we believe has the potential to take sports - both at home and at the field - to the next level.

In the beginning…

At a small sports park in the district of Centurion, to some it may be far away, an idea was born. That idea led to an action. That action led to the production of a very powerful batting tool. One thing led upon another and soon a hope was kindled – the hope that sport in South Africa can be better.

Anyway, you get the picture – in the winter of 2012 the first Striker pitching machine was built. This throwing-bowling-pitching machine has, since then, opened the door to better drills. Along the way it has improved many batter’s ball sense and hand-eye coordination, I hope that these machines will help lead the way to a superior sports play in South Africa. Will you take part in our journey?





The dream


Our dream is to advance the level of sport and especially that of Softball by building quality throwing machines that are affordable and effective. The dream may seem like a phantom; unreal, unreachable; but I assure you, it is real. Perhaps, with the aid of the Striker pitching machines in some small part, it will exceed or greatest expectations. Dream big...

The team

Being the management and administrator; the labourer and designer, I do the majority of the work myself ( yes, including all the ‘dirty work’ ). I am also an avid softball player and fan and it is from this experience that these machines have been developed. I hope that these machines will give you as much joy in playing your sport as I have in making them for you.

A special thanks

I owe a great deal of thanks to my parents who have stood by me through my efforts and have always offered priceless advice and aid. Without them, I would not be here today.