The Product


The Striker pitching machine is a throwing tool, designed to improve your batting and to aid in many other drills. This machine is the aesthetically pleasing and powerfully simple answer to your batting requirements.

Whoever you are, whatever your status, whether you want to up your game and get that edge that will set you above the other players or set your team apart by having the best batters in the league, the Striker pitching machine can help you improve.

Check out those curves

With the new, fresh, curvy shape the Striker machine has now become a slick, eye-catching batting tool that not only helps you with your drills but makes you look good while you are at it.

Any designer will agree with me that the look of a product is just as important as its functionality. The Striker machines are no exception. The fresh, curvy shape not only looks good, it makes the new Striker machine lighter and more space-efficient than its predecessors which really helps if you plan on transporting a Striker machine with you in the car.




Speeds to match your needs

Supersonic to snail speed, what more do you need? The Striker machine has an extensive speed range, starting with a minimum speed of around 20km/h and ranging to a whopping top speed of 110km/h. Anything from under eleven to adult league, whether you play slow pitch or fast pitch, the Striker machine can accommodate the ideal speed for your skill requirements.

Let’s be accurate

It is a known fact that batters who constantly get hit by the ball eventually get the shivers every time they step into the batter’s box. But, by giving you accurate and consistent balls, the Striker machine insures that you develop confidence while you bat.

Beautifully simple

With all products, simplicity is key. The Striker pitching machine was designed to be simple. Simplicity makes the Striker pitching machine a clean-looking, user-friendly product that, due to less parts, has an extended lifespan.

No boundries

Being mechanical, the Striker machine is non-electrical, giving you the freedom to practice anywhere without worrying about power supply. This perk is especially appealing to those who have sports fields that are far from any electric plugs – lugging a heavy roll of electrical extension cable is not a pleasant approach to doing batting drills; especially if you have to both unroll and roll it up every time you practice.


The Striker pitching machine comes with a one year warranty on all mechanical components which means that any breakages or mechanical glitches will be fully replaced free of charge within this time period provided that the pitching machine is correctly handled and is not tampered with in any way.

For the coaches

Does your pitcher's arm get sore or tired at games because he or she must pitch at both batting drills and at the games? If so the Striker pitching machine is the thing for you, as it will give that pitcher time to rest before having to play at a game.

What else?

Not only can the Striker pitching machine be used for improving batting it can also be used for...

  • outfield drills
  • catching drills
  • ground-ball drills

How it works

How it works  





The cycle

The Striker pitching machine loading cycle:

  • Unloaded
  • Push cradle down
  • Hook trigger-arm
  • Put ball on cradle
  • Step on load-peddle
  • Fire!

How do I buy one?

At this time you may be wondering how to buy a Striker pitching machine. What is the process?

As a rule, we ask a three week build time which is activated once we receive the receipt of deposit - a 50% deposit is required at order. The rest of the due amount can be paid at collection.

The three week build time may be shortened due to prior building of a batch of Striker pitching machines, in this case we work on a first come, first serve basis.We do not deliver pitching machines. Door-to-door delivery bay be arranged by the client at their own expense.

The price

R2000.00 /Striker machine

  • Batting
  • Catching
  • Fielding
  • Accurate
  • Effective
  • South African